Come on, that’s funny

This blog has been featured on the home page and on the Entertainment page, but never on MLBlogs’ home page.  

That is, until now.  And what is the headline on the post below this one, previously greeting countless potential new readers while I’m featured center stage?
“Not A Whole Lot Going On”.
Catchy, huh?  Makes you want to read more doesn’t it?  Gee, let me click on this new Cubs blog I’ve never read.  It’s featured on the MLBlogs home page, must be fascinating.  Let’s check out the top post here…oh…not a whole lot going on.  Alright then, guess I’ll read something else.
Anyway, thought it was hilarious the timing of my last headline with the being featured and all.  That, plus when I told my dad to pull up and check out who is on the front page he said “Cool…Tim Lincecum”.  I said “Below him”.  He misheard me.  Hilarity ensued.  Good times.  
Thanks for featuring Prose and Ivy on the MLBlogs home page MLB and welcome new readers.  Any Cubs fans interested in being interviewed for one of the fan segments, email me at
Go Cubs Go!  
(And if we sign Grabow, cool.  If not, cool, but I prefer we keep him.  If we lose Harden, cool, but I know a few female Cubs bloggers that will be very disappointed.  As for Reed….hope there’s a way to keep him in the mix.  Any outfielder not afraid to run smack into a brick wall to record an out for the Cubs is alright by me.  One signing that would be particularly interesting if for nothing other than the secrets of Wrigley Field that could be revealed….Curtis Granderson.  He comes with a bit of baggage and it’s filled with production equipment for a potential new reality show.  At least it wouldn’t involve him decorating cakes in the Cubs dugout).
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Not a Whole Lot Going On

Since I last posted, the Ricketts family took over ownership of our beloved Chicago Cubs.  Love their stance on looking at the Cubs from their owner seats the same way they would have if they still owned bleacher seats.  Someone like that will hopefully help convince them to put a little more money into a deal here and there than they may have done otherwise if they didn’t have an emotional attachment to the team.  On the flip side, hopefully they have plenty of people helping them deal with their heads when necessary and not always their hearts.  Need to make sure the deals they make are strategically sound business wise and baseball wise.

I mean think about how fans treat fantasy baseball drafts.  Most of us go after the big names and load our team the best way we can.  Often we take guys we enjoy rooting for and do so on the field in real life and in the fantasy fields.  We can’t have owners wanting the best for our Cubs but not thinking soundly the way we need those running the show to do.  People with a passion for the ball club and dreams of the team finally winning again is a plus and I’m happy we don’t have folks who are only in it for the dollars they can make in the long run.  And if you don’t know much about them, check out this interview with them here conducted by the Chicago Tribune:

That said, I think Wells got ripped off and should be the NL ROY.  (See what I mean about making decisions with your heart and not your head?)  Still, Wells had a great year, kept the Cubs in the thick of the NL Central and wild card berth races, longer than they could’ve hoped for without him.  No one expected to need such a contribution from Wells this year but we did.  With his help, we hung in there through the middle of September and kept things interesting.  Interesting doesn’t win you hardware though.  Numbers and results do.  That right there is the problem.  

Zambrano won the Silver Slugger award once again, but really, who is his competition?  Any other pitchers out there looking to go deep during BP?  I think not.  Zambrano can enjoy making more room on a mantle for all of his silver bats.  We need him to start a new wing for some pitching awards if we’re going to end up on top any time soon.
Bradley is still a Cub and I’m not sure how much longer that will remain as such.  If we can’t move him, I think he’ll be a sore spot on a team with a lot of potential once again and we can’t have that.  I think his numbers would be better but his head and mouth would remain the same.  My guess anyway.  And we can’t have that.  Have to trade him and see what we can get.  And Granderson?  I guess that’s cool, but I don’t know, it doesn’t really get my blogging juices flowing.  
Anyone else excited or upset about anything going on with the Cubs since the World Series ended?  Excited about any free-agent filings?  Have a Cubs holiday shopping list you’d like to share?  Does it involve Holliday?  Please feel free to share.  With Halloween over, Thanksgiving on it’s way….winter meetings will be here before you know it.  ‘Tis the season.
(Oh yeah…and ex-Cub Sammy Sosa’s getting lighter.  Ok.  I guess there have been some things going on).
Go Cubs Go!
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Another Installment of “Prosecards from Cubs Nation”

Cubs fans all over are counting down the days until Spring Training kicks off in 2010.  Until then, I’m going to try and interview as many as I can and post the interviews here, on Prose and Ivy.

Today’s Prosecard comes from Dave M. in Chicago, IL.  Dave is a huge Cubs fan and can be found on Twitter at @dat_cubfan_dave.  Dat Cub Fan Dave took some time out of his busy Friday afternoon and answered the following questions.  And really, what says I’m a Cubs fan more than taking the afternoon off and enjoying yourself some Cubs baseball?  
Here now is @dat_cubfan_dave’s “Prosecard from Cubs Nation” on Prose and Ivy:
Prose and Ivy reader and Cubs fan showcased: Dave M.

dave m cub gnome prosecard pic.png

Name:  Dave M. (Note: Dave M.’s lawn gnome pictured above, not Dave M.)

Why are the Cubs your favorite team?

Well, like many Cubs fans, it’s genetic. My Mom told me once that she used
to listen to Cubs games on the radio with her grandfather (that would be my
great-grandfather for those of you keeping score at home). So I like to
refer to myself as a fourth generation Cubs fan. And, growing up, my Mom
always had Cubs games on TV during the summer so, again, like many others,
WGN played a huge role in my Cubs fandom. I used to get so excited watching
the games that I couldn’t even finish watching them – I’d have to run out to
the garage, grab my glove and a tennis ball, and spend the remainder of the
game bouncing the ball off our garage, pretending I was a Cubs player (or
actually the whole team, come to think of it). Seeing as how this was the
mid- to late-70s, I wasn’t exactly missing out on too many
championship-level teams.

Favorite Cubs memory:

It’s hard to pick just one. Maybe walking into Wrigley Field for the first
time as a kid. Seeing the brilliantly green grass and legendary ivy explode
before my eyes as I reached that top step…wow…there’s nothing like it.
More recently, it might be watching Jim Edmonds catch the final out in the
division-clinching game last year. I really felt like that team was the One.
They had it all: Something old (Lou), something new (Kosuke), something
borrowed (Edmonds), something blue (er, well, I guess everything was blue).
Fukudome’s Wrigley debut is another favorite. Oh, and Kerry Wood homering in
the ’03 NLCS. For a brief moment, it felt like the magic was back. Sadly, it
was not. As you can see, I could go on.

Favorite current Cub:

Again, it’s hard to choose. I suppose the obvious answer is Derrek Lee.
He’s a player I have enormous respect for, both on and off the field. I was
really, really happy to see him prove all the naysayers wrong this season.
Among the pitchers, I’d probably pick Ryan Dempster. I’ve happened to attend
one of his starts in each of the last two years and he’s won both games. He
may not be the best pitcher in terms of stuff or results, but I appreciate
all he’s done for the Cubs since he arrived here. (And, yeah, I know he’s
getting paid handsomely for it.) He also seems like a really smart and,
obviously, funny guy – and I admire that. I’ve also always been a big Sean
Marshall fan, too. Not sure why – maybe it’s because I watched his debut in
’06 vs. the Cards on TV and was really rooting for him. Like Demp, he’s a
guy who’s gone out and done whatever the team has asked in a really gutsy
way. I’d also like to give a shout-out to Randy Wells, who was among the
brightest of bright spots in a very frustrating ’09 season. Ted Lilly is a
total badass. He scares me – in a good way. Big Z is the man…I actually
had a dream I was hanging out with him the other night. Seriously. Once
again, as you can see, I’m not very good at picking only one favorite.

Favorite all-time Cub:

Well, growing up, my favorite Cub was Bill Madlock. So maybe I’ll just
stick with that. I suppose I won’t truly know my all-time favorite Cub until
I’m about to take my seat in those Great Bleachers in the Sky.

Your dream starting Chicago Cub line up would be? 

Wow, this answer could take some time. I don’t quite have the energy to take a historical approach. And I tend to break out in hives when people put together their “fantasy” lineups of what the Cubs could look like next season. TRADE FOR ADAM LIND!!! GET HALLADAY!!! How ’bout dreaming somewhat realistically regarding next season: 

1. Kosuke Fukudome RF 
2. Jeff Baker 2B 
3. Derrek Lee 1B 
4. Aramis Ramirez 3B 
5. Alfonso Soriano LF 
6. Geovany Soto C 
7. Mike Cameron CF 
8. Ryan Theriot SS 
9. Pitcher. 

Dang, that’s really right-handed but, hey, it’s all I’ve got at the moment. I think Cameron, signed to a one- or two-year deal, would be a good stopgap centerfielder for the time being. This Milton Bradley thing could really go any number of ways and it’s hard to know what the team will end up looking like until it’s resolved. For the time being, I’m focusing on centerfielders, because I think Kosuke’s defense is a big plus in right field.

How would you celebrate a Cubs championship?

Ha, any way I could. I don’t get to watch too many of the games socially,
so I’d probably be alone when it happened – jumping up and down, screaming
silently (to not wake up my wife and daughter) and scaring the hell out of
our cats.

Most feared opposing batter?

Well, the obvious answer is Albert Pujols, isn’t it? But there’s a really
easy way to lessen that fear: Don’t pitch to him! It drove me crazy how
often the Cubs did that with an open base this season. Joe Torre had the
right idea in the NLDS. Let’s see, who else? The Diamondbacks’ Chris Young
is an awful hitter who always seems to put one in the seats vs. the Cubs. I
have a feeling the Reds’ Joey Votto is going to be a thorn in our side for
some time. On the bright side, I have to believe the Astros’ Carlos Lee is
nearing retirement. Let’s see, what other egregious Cubs killers can I throw
in here? Prince Fielder: Monster. I wish the Brewers would trade him to the
AL for some pitching and get it over with. I’m not exactly thrilled when
googly-eyed Ryan Braun comes to the plate either. I think that about covers
the division. Oh, wait…I forgot the Pirates. Um, yeah, Andrew McCutchen -

Most feared opposing pitcher?

Oh, that’s easy. Doug freakin’ Davis. Basically, any pitcher that throws in
slow motion is going to shut us down. Dan Haren, check. Jamie Moyer, check.
On a more serious note, Tim Lincecum is probably my favorite non-Cubs
pitcher. He’s a lot of fun to watch – not against the Cubs, of course,
though I feel like they handled him pretty well this year. If I recall
correctly, we almost won the game he pitched at Wrigley and then Big Z
outpitched him in San Fran at season’s end. That was a great game. And then
naturally you have the two-headed monster at the top of the Cardinals
rotation now. On the bright side, I do think Jim Hendry deserves some credit
for putting together some decent starting staffs since the Great Rotation
Collapse of ’06. (Where have you gone, Juan Mateo?)

You can either sing “Take me out to the Ballgame” during the seventh inning
stretch or call a half inning on WGN.  Which would you rather do and why?

I’ll take the singing gig, thanks. I’ll leave the game-calling to the pros,
though I wouldn’t mind tossing in the odd Santo-esque “Geez!” and “Yes,
sir!” if I could.

One thing you would change about Wrigley Field?

Hm, I dunno…move it closer to where I live? I do know it needs upgrades.
I’m going to say they need to get that Triangle Building thing done. As a
fan attending a game for three or four hours, I can live with some of the
antiquated aspects of Wrigley. I’d rather the  players have decent batting
cages and the front office have the facilities they need to work
effectively, expand the scouting department, and put together well-rounded,
consistently competitive baseball teams.

One thing you would change about the game of baseball?

Well, to make a topical reference, I think I’m in favor of expanding
instant replay to some limited extent. I understand the concerns about
drawing out the games, but I think there’s got to be some middle ground
between reviewing every strike call and dribbler down the line and the
current “home runs only” policy. One interesting idea I read was giving each
team a limited number of “replay calls” a game and then letting managers
factor it into their game strategy. Honestly, even if expanded, I don’t
think instant replay would come up all that often. But when I see some of
these calls being made in the playoffs…sheesh…something needs to be

You’re having dinner in the Cubs clubhouse and can invite any four Cubs,
living or dead.  Who would you invite and why?

Well, the site of Rogers Hornsby’s shambling corpse sidling up to the
dinner table might put me off my salad, but I’ll play along. Um, how ’bout
two of each: Ryan Dempster and Carlos Zambrano on the breathing side and
Orval Overall (because I like his name) and Ken Hubbs (because his is such a
tragic story- in a rock star kinda way).

Do you believe the Cubs are cursed?  Yes or no and why?

No, I do not think the Cubs are cursed. And let me just go on record as
saying we Cubs fans could do ourselves a big favor by ignoring this topic to
fullest extent possible. A curse is a shallow, superstitious excuse for
what’s gone wrong with this team over the decades. If this team marshalls
its considerable financial resources; puts savvy, 21st century management
and scouting in place; and starts fielding competitve teams on a regular
basis, a championship will come. I believe that.

More vital to the Cubs’ success…Getting Soriano back on track?  Getting
Soto back on track?  Trading Bradley?  Landing a new leadoff man?

Well, I’ll take the easiest question first: The Cubs don’t need a leadoff
man – especially an overpaid one in his 30s. (Hi, Chone Figgins!) There’s
too much emphasis on speed when looking at leadoff guys. I look at OBP and
PPA (pitches per plate appearance), and Kosuke Fukudome fulfills both those
categories quite nicely. Trading Bradley is probably the first step toward
putting the 2010 team in a position to succeed, if only because he’ll be a
huge distraction if he’s not gone by the time spring training rolls around.
I’m not a Bradley hater – I actually think he’s an immesely talented
baseball player. But his situation has become more of an employment issu
than a baseball one. Both sides need to part ways and move on. It’s a shame
because the team could really use his OBP at the top of the lineup (at the
very least). It’s also a shame because he’s worsened the Cubs
already-precarious financial situation. In any case, to answer your
question, getting Soriano back on track is probably the most vital thing. A
team can’t lose that much production from its starting left fielder without
suffering mightily. Geo is important, too, but he’s a catcher – and still a
relatively young player – so it’s a little more reasonable to expect a
little less from him than his glorious rookie season gave us. He still
obviously needs to hit better and stay healthy.

The Cubs have just won the World Series and you have been given the
assignment of writing the lead story, covering this moment in baseball
history.  Come up with 5 of the most creative headlines you can to kick off
your article:

1) CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! 2) Cubs quench century-plus drought 3) HEY
HEY HOLY MACKERAL NO DOUBT ABOUT IT 4) Cubs crush Royals, win World
Series (hey, it could happen), 5) Dewey defeats Truman!

You have 30 seconds to convince Hendry to either keep or trade Milton
Bradley.  He will listen to you if your argument is convincing enough.  What
do you say to him…and if it’s trade…who would you trade him for?

Jimbo, buddy, dude…can we build one of those “Men in Black” laser things
that makes everyone completely forget what they just saw? If so, let’s do it
and obliterate the memories of every Cubs player, coach, fan and media
member and give Milton another shot. What? You never saw “Men in Black”?
Well, that’s a shame…it’s pretty entertaining. Holds up rather well.
Anyway, how’s about blowing in a call to Dombrowski in Detroit and see
whether we can con him into giving us Curtis Granderson. Maybe we could take
Dontrelle Willis contract as well and turn him into a set-up guy. And if
that doesn’t work…hell, I don’t know…just get Rowand from the Giants. He
was a pretty good hitter when he wasn’t playing in a pitcher’s park. And
we’ll probably get a lot of free publicity when he explodes like a
cantaloupe running into the centerfield wall at Wrigley.

You are the hopeful new owner of the Chicago Cubs.  The last thing standing
in the way of the deal getting done is you must decide one thing to change
at Wrigley Field.  Have to.  Would you either take away the ivy on the wall,
update the scoreboard to an giant HD screen, or change the outer marquee?

Those are my options? Geez. Um…I guess I’d change the marquee – put it in
a museum somewhere maybe. Or, better yet, my garage. You can’t touch the ivy
and you’d be putting guys out of work by replacing the scoreboard.

You are Steve Bartman.  It is 2003 and you have the opportunity to see the
Cubs play in the postseason at Wrigley Field and potentially close out the
NLCS making your way to the World Series.  However, you are warned that it
is guaranteed that either you will become one of the most hated Cubs fans in
history, OR you will see them make it to their first World Series in
forever. 50-50 shot.  Do you attend the game?

I stay home and listen to Pat and Ron seeing as how I’m going to wear those
stupid-looking headphones anyway.

You’re hired to run the Cubs 2010 public relations campaign.  You can use
any slogan, player, etc that you want to.  What is your advertising
campaign/slogan for the 2010 season?

Your 2010 Chicago Cubs: We’re SO much better than that.

Thanks to Dave M. (@dat_cubfan_dave) for answering the questions and taking a few minutes (blowing off work) to talk Cubs baseball with Prose and Ivy.  If you’d like to be featured in the next Prosecard from Cubs Nation, please email me at and I will send you a bunch of questions to answer and feature right here on the site!  GO CUBS GO!

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Big Deal

Admittedly, maybe its the lack of Cubs in this years playoffs…but I haven’t seen anything to get excited about.  Normally the playoffs are extremely addictive and I love watching every minute regardless of who is playing.  This year however, I haven’t seen anything to get all that excited about.

I am hoping that it is either going to be an Angels/Dodgers series…my number two choice because then we’d hear fun promos about a freeway series.  Not really fun as much as different which will keep things interesting.  A Yankees/Dodgers series…my first choice because I’d love to see Torre beat the Yankees.  For sports fans it provides the best story lines.  An Angels/Phillies series because I hate the Phillies and wouldn’t mind rooting for them to fall at the door of a back to back championship.  
The only combination I absolutely won’t watch is a Yankees/Phillies series.  I hate both teams with a passion and will find no joy in seeing either finish October successfully.
So, hopefully it’s Torre over the Yankees.  I get to see the Yankees lose and Torre have the last laugh.  The Cubs aren’t in it, so that sounds fun to me.
The film festival was a blast by the way.  I had more people show up to screen my comedy “Quarter Life” than any other film in the festival.  The audience loved it and it was a blast to screen a film I act in, in front of a group of people I’m not blood related to.  The filmmakers had a great time.  We screened over 75 films in four days and I look forward to screening more films next year.  One of those films may be a Cubs film I have in mind.  We’ll see how that goes though over time.
For those with teams still playing in the final four, enjoy.  I can’t wait for the 2010 season to begin.
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And not in a good “family game night” kind of way either.

Cubs lost to the Giants today and the Rockies defeated the St. Louis Cardinals.  At the start of the day our elimination number was holding strong at three.  After these two events, our elimination number is down to one.  And unless a miracle happens, this will be the last day of the season that I post while we’re still in contention for a playoff spot.
Wells was unsuccessful in his bid for win number 12 as San Francisco proved to be too much for him and held strong at five games out of the wild card spot.  Here now is what the American League and National League wild card standings look like:
wild card as of 9:27.pngUnbelievably the American League is down to only two teams left vying for the final playoff spot.  The rest of the league is out.  National League proved to be a little more competitive this year as five teams are still left competing.  Surprisingly, Atlanta has jumped up to second place, only two and a half games behind the Rockies after their recent six game win streak.  Their elimination number is five so the rest of this week should prove to be interesting for both the Braves and Rockies.  It’s only a matter of time (barring miracles of course) for the rest of the teams listed that are still in contention.
This is why it’s important to kick the season off fast, stay strong and finish strong.  Every game counts when you tally it all up and look at the big picture.  Those one run losses early on may not have seemed like a big deal then.  Now, you’d love to have those turn around into one run wins.  Would make a huge difference.  Play the episode of today’s Prose and Ivy Cubs Blog Talk Radio show I recorded earlier today, listed in the side bar on the right.  My take on Bradley, next year’s line up and rotation, use of the young talent, Fukudome’s worth and what it all means looking at 2010 is discussed on the show.  
Enjoy the talk now and leave a comment or two while we’re technically still in it.  One loss or one Rockies win and our ’09 will officially wrap come the final regular season game.  The rest of the way we play at Wrigley where we are much better than we are on the road.  Maybe that will matter and maybe it won’t.  Unfortunately that’s the stressful and depressing part of losing control of your own destiny.  One to go.  Will it come Tuesday?  Will it come at all?  Hope not.  We’ll see.  On top of playing at home, we’ve got Pittsburgh coming to town.  We know how I feel about Pittsburgh…wish we could play them all 162 games.  The Rockies on the other hand have Monday off as well and then face the Brewers.  Can’t imagine the Brewers would like to do us any favors.  Doesn’t look good.  But again, we’ll see.
Dempster at home against the Pirates on Tuesday.  All we can do is our part and hope for the best.  Go Cubs Go!
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Straight out of Central Casting


Oh no.  Two years of division titles in the Central for the Cubs and that is where it stops.  Cubs are hot lately but it’s too little, too late if you were hoping for a three-peat.  Cardinals beat the Rockies tonight in the ‘I really don’t want to root for either of these teams Bowl’ and clinched the NL Central.  They had the better season.  Their superstars had the better year.  Their pitchers stepped up and outperformed us.  Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals for taking the Central.
Now we’re looking at the Wild Card.  Granted, we’re looking at it with horrible seats but at least we got tickets.  A few teams are standing in our way of claiming the Wild Card and our down in front chants aren’t doing much in making a difference.  It hasn’t seemed to work in our favor this last month of the season no matter what we do.  It seems any time we pick up a game on the Rockies, so does everyone else.  And if we lose a game, well, they do too.  And the Rockies have pulled a ton of comeback wins out making our late season heroics attempts moot.  We’re not out of it yet and it’s becoming quite the final couple weeks of the season.  Don’t know that I’d use the word ‘wild’ to describe it, but at least the games still mean something anyway.  For three more games that is anyway, possibly less.
Our elimination number is down to 3.  Any combination of Rockies wins and Cub losses that add up to three and we’re done.  These few games against the Giants have been a blast.  I must admit, when I saw Zambrano v. Lincecum as the opposing pitchers the other night, I thought we were toast.  Figures that’s when Z steps up and delivers his best pitching performance since his no-hitter a year ago.  Also figures that while Lee has been on a tear, he just happens to be the guy on base in front of Baker, who just happens to hit a 2 run shot to win a ballgame in the ninth, who just happens to drive in Lee, who just happens to be the victim of an overzealous Guzman celebration, who just happens to hit Lee (not Baker, who actually hit the home run) and who just so happens to injure Lee’s neck while doing so causing him to miss a couple games.  And that my friends is what we call the Chicago Cubs.
I wish this team would continue to play all out while we aren’t mathematically eliminated but it has been nice seeing the young talent shine.  I understand being careful with guys for next year, but since we’re still in it…I guess since we’re still in it, it does bother me a little shutting down guys like Harden and being so careful with Lilly who’s been our star all year on the mound.  And in total contrast, if you’re giving up on the season and looking to next year and giving guys a bit of lighter workload, why are we allowing Dempster to push to try and reach 200 innings?  Who cares if Demp wants to hit 200?  You want to save him and make sure his arm doesn’t throw any unnecessary pitches in 2009 we could use in 2010…then allowing this push to 200 is something I just don’t get.  Gorzellany has been great and the lineups and results have been working in our favor, but really who would’ve thought that’d be the case.  I kind of feel like the organization gave up on the season too soon and have simply been lucky that the make shift line ups have come through the way they have.  
So here we are three games away from elimination.  Let’s just keep playing hard and see where the chips fall.  Central is no longer a possibility…but let’s keep pushing and see if we can somehow make our way down front and capture the wild card.  Never know.  Right Yogi?  
Wells up again tomorrow.  Do your thing Wells and get that W.  Go Cubs Go!

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25 years later

One of the most exciting seasons in Cubs history happened 25 years ago and the pinnacle moment of that season happened exactly 25 years ago today.  Happy 25th anniversary ’84 Cubs.  A few videos to celebrate the memory of that exciting Cubs season.  Both are interview clips with Rick Sutcliffe…this first one, man.  Talk about a tough act to follow.

These videos come off of and its great to hear thoughts of that amazing Cubs year from someone smack in the middle of the whirlwind of reasons as to why it all happened the way it did. Something that would be great for Bradley to hear now too…maybe if he hears enough former and current Cubs talk about how lucky he is to be a Cub, maybe it will help him realize what he has if ends up staying or what he had if Hendry finds a taker this off-season.

The domino effect of events that had to happen in 1984, to end the way it did and claim the title that they did is a pretty amazing story. One that almost lets Hendry completely off the hook when it comes to the Bradley signing. I have taken him off the hook completely and feel confident in Hendry making the deals in the off-season to see if it makes the difference in 2010. No one thought the moves the Cubs made would put them over the top and back into the playoffs. But they did. And trades and signings that the organization and fans get excited over, ones that they have high hopes for can just as easily surprise and disappoint. The 1984 Cubs had a young, all-star caliber talent in Ryne Sandberg and a bunch of guys that no one saw coming. It all just kind of fit just right and put the Cubs in the playoffs.

Sure, we all want the Series title…aiming to make the playoffs is never the ultimate goal, simply the first necessary step to get there. But imagine if we were celebrating and enjoying a team like this today. I don’t think any one of us would complain about that. Happy 25th anniversary 1984 Cubs. May you be one highlighted season among those that eventually, hopefully shortly, get us to the ultimate prize. Go Cubs Go!

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